As early as the 9th century, Varangians are mentioned as fighting as mercenaries for the Byzantines. The Varangians served as the personal bodyguard of the emperor, swearing an oath of loyalty to him; they had ceremonial duties as retainers and acclaimers and performed some police duties, especially in cases of treason and conspiracy. The Varangian Guard was only used in battle during critical moments, or where the battle was most fierce. Contemporary Byzantine chroniclers note with a mix of terror and fascination that the "Scandinavians were frightening both in appearance and in equipment, they attacked with reckless rage and neither cared about losing blood nor their wounds�. The description probably refers to berserkers, since this state of trance is said to have given them superhuman strength and no sense of pain from their wounds.

We started this club to help combat the growing number of deaths in the military associated with motorcycles. This club was started by active military personnel and  veterans with one thing in common, carrying about what happens to our Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Sailors not only down range but when they get home. We have had entirely too many  riders coming back from combat zones and not being able to find that adrenalin rush they need from being deployed.  Those of us in the club have been there and we understand what you are going through. There is a way to find other means to redirect energy.  We do not alienate our anyone from our club. Everyone has a lot to offer these young riders as well as the support channels they give us day to day. Bottom line is if you fit and you support the military mentorship and what we are about you may fit as part of our group.  We respect all other clubs out there please respect what we are trying to do.